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Our view at deviantART regarding SOPA is that it's probably a bad idea. There should be better ways to deal with mass infringement on the Internet than this. This bill in our view can be seen as a threat to the open Internet itself and this is very hard to digest or support. 
I personally have found information at the EFF and at Public Knowledge to be very helpful in understanding what is at stake.
UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Google. 
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Quick Tips: On Referencing Anatomy
Reference from real life whenever possible.
When you reference or copy from another artist's studies/sketches/art, you may be copying their mistakes as well. Furthermore, an artist's studies are their notes and --just like with history or chemistry notes-- copying someone else's notes will not help you fully understand the material. To completely understand anatomy, you must take your own notes and build your own understanding through observation.
This is probably a no-brainer for many artists but... scruffynerfherder and I were talking about this last night, and with the increase of "anatomy studies" showing up on dA's front page, it's been on my mind. DA's resource category has some great material, but I also feel like there is a lot of misleading information taught by amateurs who really probably shouldn't be teaching things like shading or anatomy, because they have a less-than-stellar grasp on it themselves. I'm not trying to knock anyone here, but it's a bit tr
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Muramasa is one of my favorite games and it's so nice to see fanart of it! You did a lovely job capturing Torahime's personality and ke...


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This was such a fun con!  Every year I am more and more impressed with how efficient and smoothly this show is run.
As always a BIG thanks to everyone who came by to say hi.  I got really, really sick on Saturday so sorry if I was a bit of a downer but I was barely standing.

Thanks everyone who signed my book!  I wish I had remembered to mention it to more people.  Maybe next time there will be a sign.
If you came by and would like to be added, let me know!

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It was wonderful seeing you this past weekend at Rose City Comic Con! Here, just in case you were curious to see how it turned out…
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