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This was such a fun con!  Every year I am more and more impressed with how efficient and smoothly this show is run.
As always a BIG thanks to everyone who came by to say hi.  I got really, really sick on Saturday so sorry if I was a bit of a downer but I was barely standing.

Thanks everyone who signed my book!  I wish I had remembered to mention it to more people.  Maybe next time there will be a sign.
If you came by and would like to be added, let me know!

:iconnobodyoftwilight: :iconj-dragon89:  :iconvyvid:  :iconsergeantbuck:  :iconmegqui-san:  :iconblazah99:  :iconmeguber:  :iconharleyquinnarkham:  :iconintensevisage:  :iconbrisban:  :icondustydustbunny:  :iconfdwr:  :iconconfessorrocksha:  :iconelli-phante:  :iconhiddenwithinthunder:  :iconlluks4:
ECCC is this weekend!  I am so excited!  :iconloriofpandora: and I will be there as DesuDesu de Studio.  We're booth 101 and are all by our lonesome over by Registration.

Please done let us be lonely all con!  COME SAY HI!  

We'll have new stuff and old stuff and generally just be super excited to see everyone.  I'm thinking of maybe having a dA guest book at the table for people to write their user names in for a post-con journal feature.  Too dorky or JUST DORKY ENOUGH? 
Okies so Back In the Day (like three years ago?  something like that)  I used to feature random watchers.  It was super fun and I miss doing it.

I would to start accepting requests to be for features.  The only rule is I would like the person suggested to be from my watch list.  There are SO MANY amazing people in there and the whole point of this is to get you guys to look at each others stuff.  XD

Send a note titled WEEKLY FEATURE and a link along with a a couple reasons why this person was suggested and maybe a your favorite piece of theirs.

Yes, you can suggest yourself.

Anywho, you guys are the best!
Wahoo!  It's time for one of my favorite cons of the year!  

Chibi Chibi Con is this Saturday at Evergreen State College (near the Library) from noon till midnight!  It's a lot of fun and FREE.   Head down to Olympia Washington and come say hi!
Scannalations are a lot of work and there is quite the learning curve.  I thought it was just gonna be learning photoshop.

Oh no, my friends, it is so much more.

I decided to start providing raws for more than just Saiyuki.  Previously I was just scanning out of the monthly issues, but the tankobons are so pretty (the art is soooo much nicer and they clean up so easy)  There are a couple titles PKR needed raws for so I bought the books and read a few tutorials on debinding tankos for scanning. 
Use an iron!  Be patient!  I tried that - for about five minutes.  Then I got bored and started thinking what else could be used to heat up binding glue.  I know!  How about the microwave!  That will be fast and probably not the worst idea I can have!
So I popped the book inside (elevated on a bowl) and hit the minute button - I cook everything with the minute button.  Got bored after about thirty seconds and took it out.  It worked perfectly!  The glue was nice and loose and the pages pulled out like a charm.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited.  Although, I must confess that the wanton destruction of a book has been the most morally conflicting thing I have done in years. (Lori, stop laughing!)

A couple weeks pass and it's time to nuke another book.  I pop it in for another minute and take it out after about 20 seconds.  Hmm, the glue is still a bit stiff.  I know!  MORE TIME!  Because, ya know, more time in a microwave never has had unexpected consequences for a book.

THERE WERE CONSEQUENCES!  Probably should have expected that actually....

A minute and a half was a minute too long.
I pulled the book out and started tugging gently on pages.  They came out beautifully.  A few pages in and steams starts rising from the pages.  Pleasantly, fragrant steam. 

It was not steam.  IT WAS NOT STEAM AT ALL! 

It was smoke.  The book was hot.  Hot enough that the center pages are burned.  In fact they are so badly burned that I need to get a new copy.  Another twenty seconds or so and it probably would have combusted. 

Not only did I murder a book.  I set fire to it's corpse.

Tro says I can melt the glue with a hairdryer with a significantly lower property damage risk.  It is both good advice and a personal challenge.
Brian and I are watching it.

They just introduced Bobby.


that is all
Holy crap!  I really didn't mean to disappear like this! 

HUGE thanks to everyone who faved stuff, started watching me, is still doing it, and/or came by and said hi at a con somewhere.  I know I haven't been around enough and apologise for not thanking each of you personally.  I'll try to do better.
It's CRAZY!  I've been on dA for almost ten years and never thought some of my best friends would be made here.

This has been my least active year.  Sorry about that!  2014 will be better. Promise.

Anywho, so a bit over a year ago i was rereading all of Saiyuki (again XDD).  They finally made it to India!  But the scans ended on a horrible cliffhanger and hadn't been updated in like two years.  Nonononononoooo!  I need to know what happens!  I looked up the group putting out the scans.  They were having trouble getting the raws.

RAWS?  I CAN DO THAT!  I have a scanner!  I have a credit card!  I have little to no impulse control! 

I usually approach things with more enthusiasm than sense....

I bought the back issues and contacted the group.  Even with no experience or know how (srsly, my previous photoshop skills stopped at removing cat hair and cropping to print size)  :iconkojika: took a risk and let me help.  She was super patient with my bizarre questions on the learning curve.  Thinks got a intense in the spring.
HOLY COW!  Scanalations are way more work than I ever would have guessed. 
This is partly because I forget layers are a thing and do all the redrawing on one.  Breath of Fire... so many dragons.  Double page spreads everywhere.  *shudders*
It's been super fun and I love it!  It takes a lot of time.  XDD

Anyway, check out !  and expect more art in 2014 than there was in 2013!
It's tomorrow!  Work was busy so I forgot to post this earlier.  If you are going, please come by and say hi!  It's srsly the highlight of my con.  ^_^
Lori and I will be at Rose City ComiCon in Portland OR this weekend!  I am so excited for this show!  Last year was a blast and so many amazing people came by.  This year is going to be even bigger and better!

DESU DESU de Studio will be in booth 901. 

Oh man this is so late! 
It's free slurpie day!
That is all.
Wahoo!  It's that time of year again!  :iconloriofpandoa: and the amazing Star Wars Meg will be coming too!  
We'll be at booth 1278.  Come by and say hi!  Srsly, it's the highlight of my con when I get to meet people I know online or when people who I got to meet before come by AGAIN.  
It's the best!

PCC info can be found here

Also this.…
Because reasons
My buddy Tro and her sister are brilliant and amazing and have the best children's book idea ever!…
I am so excited!  Srsly, it's hard to make words.  
I love this con so much!  If you are in the Seattle area COME CHECK IT OUT!

:iconloriofpandora: and I will be at booth 706!  Look for the giant boobies sign.  We have the best booth babes.
Wahoo!  Chibi Chibi con is this Saturday!  It's a free convention at Evergreen Collage in Olympia.  
It's super fun and laid back.  If you're in the area, check it out and hopefully stop by and say hi!  ^_^

I'm starting to offer limited editions of prints (gotta pay vet bills  XDD)  They are on super heavy matte paper and will be signed and numbered.
They are $25.00 and until April shipping will be free!
Send a note if you're interested!
Wahoo!  Lori and I will be in New Orleans this weekend!…

Come by and see our booth if you're in the area!
Rereading it again.  XDD It's still probably my favorite book ever.  

Today, my brain has narrated large chunks in the voice of John Cleese (all the footnotes among other things)

Wahoo!  Once again :iconloriofpandora: and I are off to another con.  XD
I'm really excited for this one since I've never been to Texas before.
Anywho, if you are in the area check it out and come by and say hi!…